Saturday, 28 March 2015

Shirt-Maker lives!

We've been having trouble with domain hosting, and even though we have our own bought and paid-for domain name,,  rotten old NTL will no longer allow it to link to the webpages which we spent hours writing and validating.

Nooo, not bitter at all.

So for the meantime, we're using the Blogger platform as our shop-front, so please accept our apologies if a few things don't work properly yet.

Like the pdf of the order form, for example, which just won't work!! We've had to put a link to the relevant page on the ntl webpage, clumsily titled as it is, but we're working on it.

Yes, we are still making shirts, and yes, we still have a couple of ready-made ones for sale: we will get things up and running on here just as soon as we can.

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