Ready made

On this page we list the occasional ready-made item for sale.

From time to time have some ready-made shirts for sale: they are usually try-outs of new batches of fabric, or experiments with different finishing methods.

They are all of perfect quality, unless clearly stated otherwise.

Spring 2015: Shirts for sale:

Officer Shirt with laced front and gathered inset sleeves
Ref: S-140801 Price: £45.00 inc p&p

Description: Standard Creamy Calico (100% cotton) Officer Shirt. With large inset overlong (consumptive) sleeves, gathered above the cuff with narrow ribbon: large collar and criss-cross front lacing with additional ribbon tie under the chin.

Sizes: Neck: 17" ( 43 cms)
Across Shoulders: 22" ( 56 cms)
Arm Length: 24" ( 61 cms)
Cuffs: gathered

Notes: Trying out the extra tie under the chin. Not sure if we like it. But you could easily cut them off, if you didn't like them either.

Black Cotton Shirt with tie-tape front and inset sleeves with tie-tape cuffs.
Ref: S-80001 Price: £35.00 inc p&p

Description: Black Lightweight Cotton LRP or Soldier Shirt with big collar, inset sleeves, and tie-tape fastenings at neck and wrist.

Ref: S-80001 Price: £35.00 inc p&p
Sizes: Neck: 17" ( 43 cms)
Across Shoulders: 21" ( 53 cms)
Arm Length: 25" ( 63 cms)
Cuffs: 7" ( 18 cms)

Notes: Ideal for thin chap with skinny wrists, or for a female.

Photography note - these shirts look sooo much better with someone inside them!