It is important to measure yourself when ordering a C17th shirt, in order to ensure a good fit.

Don't tell us what shirt size you are!! It doesn't work like that.

We think there is nothing more annoying than shirts that hang off the shoulders: unless it is shirts that are so skimpily cut that the wearer's wrists stick out several inches from the cuffs.

Therefore, please measure your actual body, give us those measurement, and we will allow for ease: you do not need to add a couple of inches on to make sure the sleeves are long enough! Just tell us the actual measurements and we will do the rest.

If the shirt you receive doesn't fit you, then send it back unworn, in the original bag, with a note of what is wrong, and we will make you another one. We can’t say fairer than that!

To get accurate measurements, use a flexible tape measure, and get someone else to do the measuring.

Put on a shirt or t-shirt with shoulder seams that sit nicely on your shoulders.

Measure across the shoulders, behind the neck, from one shoulder seam to the other.

Then measure from the shoulder seam down to the wrist, on the outside of the arm, with the elbow bent.

Then measure around the neck. Not so tightly that it strangles you!

Then measure around the wrist.

These are the measurement we require.

All the shirts have a spread around the chest of around 70", which is ample for most folks, and the body is a yard long, that is from top of shoulder to the hem.

Special note for ladies: you might find that a yard-long shirt will hang like a tent on you, so if you like, we can make one a bit shorter: just measure how long you want it to be.

The easiest way to do this is to decide where you want the hem to hang - just below crotch level is modest and comfy - then measure up and over your shoulder and down again to the same point. Give us that measurement when you order.

If you are significantly longer/shorter/broader than standard, we will be perfectly happy to make a shirt to fit, normally for no extra cost. Our largest shirt to date was made for a 6'4" chap with a neck size of 21", and a chest size of 56".

If you have any queries, you are most welcome to read through the Frequently Asked Questions, and if by any chance that does not help, do feel free to email us at